PDFMergeThing is a small utility that takes any number of PDF files and then merges them into a single print job or PDF. The product is a beta at this stage, and does not as yet contain any online help. Just drag PDF files into the window and then press the Print button.


  1. worked at first. Now, it takes my 8 one-page files and processes as if were 1000s of files. I keep just having to cancel.

    I tried again with just 3 of the files. It duplicated the last one about 15 times. Bummer.

    Could really use this!

  2. Two small problems.

    If I press the ‘print’ button, it’s going to print 70 pages of a document? I don’t want that – I want to *read* it as a single document. Can I do this?

    And it puts the pages out of their correct order in its window. At first I thought this was because it was listing page 3 rather than page 03, but I changed this on the original and it still does the same. Help!

  3. I love the simplicity of your software. I have run into an issue in 10.5.8 & 10.6.x. I have original files that are 11×21″ and it scales down to fit to 11×17. However it is an absolute scaling and cuts off the top .4″ of the page. basically it is doing to edge printing and I cannot change it in any of my settings. Would you be able to look at something like this? I could provide samples.

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