i48 1.3 is now available on the iTunes App Store

It’s been quite a while since the 1.2 update.  This new update contains a couple of bug fixes and a single nice new feature.

  • Fixed incorrect choice of theme on the iPad when loading the app for the first time
  • Fixed a problem where the app would not shut down correctly
  • Added an option to reset the emulation
  • Added code to halt the emulation when the app loses focus

I have also exposed the files containing the RAM, ROM and CPU state of the emulation to iTune file transfers, so it is now possible to take a nice backup of your i48 RAM state 🙂

Download today from the iTunes Store


  1. Hi! First of all, great app!

    Since the proportions of a real HP 48 is taller/narrower than the iPhone screen, all HP 48 apps I have tried have, understandably, been squashed.

    Would you consider adding iPhone 5 support to i48? With its taller screen, the iPhone 5 could give a better representation of the real thing, and would be easier to use (larger buttons, etc.)

  2. I am currently looking into the extra space at the bottom of the iPhone 5 screen. I need to find another graphic of the HP48 keyboard in the correct size.

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